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Unfortunate Speculation About Sunday's Halftime Show

It's been almost a month since I been to a game at Qwest! I can't wait for Sunday! It should be great! The Minnesota Vikings! Steve Hutchinson! Nate Burleson! Pageantry! And if everything goes as planned, a nuclear attack!

Not to put a damper on anybody's game day, but a web site has apparently claimed that Qwest Field will be one of seven NFL stadiums that will be hit with "radiological dirty bombs" this coming Sunday. Wow, talk about a prevent defense!

The Department of Homeland Security (a division of Haliburton) would like to stress that they are extremely skeptical that these threats are legitimate. They do not plan to change the national terror alert level from yellow (elevated) to orange (high), red (severe), or black (Floyd Womack in line at Country Buffet).

We're encouraged to go about our business Sunday, enjoy the game, eat garlic fries, watch the JumboTron car race, etc.

Rest assured, if we come across any neurological warriors on Sunday afternoon, phildopip and I will get all Patrick Swayze-in-Red Dawn on their asses. After the garlic fries.

Update [2006-10-19 16:23:35 by Shrug]: The Milwaukee man who originally made the threat has admitted to the FBI that it was a hoax.

Oh.... it's a joke! Ahhhhh-ha-ha-ha! That's hilarious! Ha-ha-ha! Good one, dude! Ha-ha-ha! Oh, man! Excuse me, I gotta wipe the sweat off my forehead, I'm laughin' so hard.