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Hamdan's Back -- Ponder Is Cut

Since this blog started, which was back in June, the Seahawks have never made a roster cut that I've vehemently disagreed with. Until now.

Seattle reacquired their old friend Gibran Hamdan -- that's right, folks, the QB star of (drum roll) "NFL Europe" -- as the third quarterback on their roster for the next three weeks.

To facilitate this move, they released return specialist Willie Ponder, who was in fact the only returner we've had in the last couple of years that was special. Inexplicably, Jimmie Williams and Josh Scobey are now the Seahawks' return specialists, and Ponder is free to sign with another team. You know, like Isaiah Kacyvenski did a couple weeks ago.

I'm probably overreacting a little bit. But I don't believe it was worth cutting the best return specialist we've had in the last couple years to have Hamdan on the roster for three or four weeks max.

Someone on Sando's blog speculated that perhaps the Seahawks felt they had to improve their special teams' stopping opponents' returns, rather than making better returns of our own. Or maybe they're going to temporarily install Burleson in the returner position, since he hasn't been seeing a lot of action in the last couple of games since the Branch signing.

I'm sure there's an excellent reason.

I still disagree. Because I do. And I always enjoy using the word "vehemently."