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The Not-So-Soft Whisper: Babineaux Taking Boulware's Starting Job?

Quietly tucked inside a mild-mannered "Answers to Your Questions" segment on Sando's blog:

Look for Babineaux to replace Boulware in the starting lineup this week. I got this from sources close to the players, which means the players have already been told of the expected change. We'll ask Holmgren about it tomorrow, but right now that is the direction they are pointing...

(Tapping fingers on desk)

Well, couldn't call it unexpected, as Elvis Costello sang.

(Actually, Costello never sang "couldn't call it unexpected" -- he just named a song that once. He didn't literally sing the phrase in the song.

(Stay tuned for another episode of Liver Spot Boogie right here on VH1 Classic.)

Scott M. Johnson of the Herald explains it for you, in the slim chance you did call it unexpected.