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Huard Out On Sunday?

This is, if I may be frank, getting far too out of hand. The Season Of the Black "X" on the Backs of Quarterbacks continues... in Kansas City?

Yup. You heard it here first (or second, if you're in Kansas City): Chiefs quarterback-of-the-moment Damon Huard suffered an injury at the end of practice Thursday. The nature of the injury was not immediately disclosed.

Huard went down on the same day first-stringer Trent Green returned to practice after several weeks off from a particularly horrible-looking crackup in Week 1 that resulted in a concussion. However, Green's still not expected to suit up for a real game until November.

If Huard's injury is serious enough to keep him out on Sunday, and unless Green finds some happy head pills right quick, the quarterback duties would fall on the shoulders of the rookie from Alabama, one Brodie Croyle.

One more time, that's Police Academy 7, this Sunday morning at 10:00am on your local Fox station!