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Vacation: All They Ever Wanted

I am absolutely down with everyone who feels the need to take a week off from this whole football business. Except for me it'll probably be more like three days. However, it couldn't have come at a better time.

    The Go-Go's on "Vacation," before Joan Jett & the Blackhearts stole their traveler's cheques.

We nonetheless have some news.
  • From Sando: LB Isaiah Kacyvenski has signed with the Rams. This is of moderate bum-out factor, since Kaz was only released to make room for backup-backup RB Marquis Weeks, and all indications were that the Seahawks would re-sign him when Shaun Alexander returned. Alas.

    Kaz was a well-liked guy in the clubhouse, and has an incredible, genuinely moving back story. Here it is in his own words, from a website that appears to have a vaguely religious directive.

  • Also from Sando: The Seahawks tried out running backs today. Yeeeeah, the ole PeeChee folder's feelin' a little thin there. Tryouts included Arlen Harris and Jonathan Wells, both of whom have some measure of NFL experience with the Rams and Texans, respectively.
  • From an article on by Don Christensen, diagnosing the Seahawks with "disequilibrium":
    Manic depression has been "touchin' the soul" of several NFL teams, the Seattle Seahawks among them, with performance swings ranging from the brilliant to the pathetic...

    The "Fantastic Four" offense is a different chemistry with a different emphasis that may end-up on the scrap heap in this current redevelopment plan. It requires more from Hasselbeck who, despite his latest struggles, has the skills to find an open receiver in that fast paced scenario. However, expecting that to click right away is simply expecting too much. Most teams employ some form of cover 2, while making creative use of faster linebackers to defend underneath routes, if not coverage routes...

    Before there's any talk about another Super Bowl run, might we suggest that a divisional lead would be more of a more realistic objective right now? We can only hope that Mike Holmgren can bring resolution to the state of transition in which the burgeoning offense finds itself. Get Matt Hasselbeck all the tools he needs and getting back on a winning track is a sure thing.

    There's more at the link, but it may be a subscription. I keep forgetting.

  • From the PI: Mike Holmgren is giving all Seahawks a week or so off, which surprised a few people since the vacation comes on the heels of the Seahawks' worst defeat since 1997. (41-3 to the Jets. I went back in time in the DeLorean to confirm it.)

    However, I think it's exactly what the doctor ordered.