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Holmgren: Stevens To Return Against Rams

This is my kind of news day: Sit down, watch The Mike Holmgren Show, lather, produce story. Maybe not in that order.

Anyway. Holmgren just said on the KING-5 show bearing his name that TE Jerramy Stevens will be returning to face the St. Louis Rams next weekend. In fact, Holmgren said the only players who are out with injuries next week are Alexander, Tafoya and Womack. Everyone else not on the IR is cleared to play.

Alexander is having another MRI on his foot tomorrow, which hopefully will reveal considerable progress on the fracture to his fourth metatarsal.

Matt Hasselbeck was also on the Mike Holmgren Show but had no front-page bold-type headlines. He was wearing an interesting shirt: brown with baby-blue highlights on the shoulders and arms. It looked velour-ish. They can't all dress as snappily as Deion Sanders, I suppose.