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Matt to Sando: "I Feel Great! My Knee, Not So Much!"

Sando's transcribed interview with the hobbled Matt Hasselbeck reveals the sidelined QB feeling quite chipper, positive overall, darn near on the cusp of exuberance, in tremendous spirits. His rehab is going very well.

It just doesn't seem to be affecting his knee.

Will you be better off physically upon your return?
MH: Like night and day already. My body-fat percentage is way down. My weight is actually up. My strength is up. I'm on that bike for like 45 minutes every day. I'm on that elliptical for like 10-20 minutes every day. I'm running on the treadmill. Honestly, I just want to practice. I'm tired.

As for the knee?
MH: It just doesn't function. I have no -- I don't have enough stability in there yet. Like I said, it's a very common injury, much like an ankle sprain would be.

Well, then.

Hasselbeck goes on to praise Seneca Wallace who, really, let's admit it, is doing a pretty good job managing the games. The reader is left with the distinct impression that if Wallace and the Seahawks get past the Rams on Sunday -- thereby giving the Seahawks a seriously huge advantage in the division race, that Hasselbeck could sit against the 49ers game at San Francisco weekend after this.

I'd love to talk about this more. I feel great, but my liver isn't functioning.