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Save the Placekicker, Save the World

Somewhere in the cosmos, there is a parallel universe where the Seahawks are leading the Rams by 20 going into the fourth quarter. Make that 30. They're so far ahead that people are leaving early so that they can beat the rush hour traffic. One of these people going home is the placekicker. He's been allowed to go home early. The point is, in this place, wherever it is, the game isn't even close. I suspect this place also looks a lot like Australia for some reason.

But we're on Earth -- or at least I'm back now, after a long bus ride from Qwest -- and in this world, the Seattle Seahawks have outscored the St. Louis Rams by a grand total of 4 points over two games this season, and have still won them both. The latest was this afternoon by a final count of -- geez -- 24-22.

If I may speak freely -- and I guess there's nobody here to stop me, is there? -- a lot about this game was as messy as any other contest we've seen this year, featuring some comically bad decisions on the part of both teams. Let's face it, whoever won this game almost would have done so purely out of luck.

Somebody up there doesn't just like us -- they'll probably let us get to third base on the first date.

More later, after I've had some TheraFlu and will therefore be likely to say almost anything.

But for now: The Seahawks are 6-3, two games up on the Rams, and in complete ownership of the tiebreaker. I'm fine.