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Hawks Gored by 49ers

I had very little to say in the course of this game. I have very little to say now that doesn't consist of grunts, curses, and threats to injure myself. I don't have many salient observations. How 'bout I just belch for a long time?

Our defense: Terrible.

Our mental mistakes: Terrible.

Our playcalling on 4th-and-1-or-2 situations: Skull-crushingly, eye-gougingly, brow-beatingly, intelligence-insultingly, head-rammingly awful pathetic bad wrong sick ugly stupid stupid stupid TERRIBLE.

I don't care if I'm not a coach, or a player, or I don't "understand the game," or what. I am furious that our last two high-profile 4th down conversions resulted in calls absolutely guaranteed to not work. And any schmo in the stands or watching the game on the tube could see that they weren't going to work.

Frank Gore of the 49ers set a franchise rushing record this afternoon. No 49er has ever gained more yards on the ground as Gore did today.

The Seahawks hung around this game thanks to some lucky calls.

Our running game: A distant memory.

I need a Bromo.