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But Wait! There's More!

Ever wanted to meet your favorite Seahawk? I got an idea: Drive to a park in Kirkland with a jogging trail, then get out, put on your track outfit and start running. Then try to get a twisted ankle or, if you really want an A for effort, manage a torn ACL or something. Then there'd be a chance, however distant, of running into one of your heroes at the sports rehab clinic. Stranger stuff has happened.

The newest residents in the Seahawks' M*A*S*H tent unit are Sean Locklear and Rocky Bernard, Sando reports.

Locklear tweaked his ankle and sat out Thursday's undoubtedly slippery practice session, and is now questionable for the Raid-ahs game. Bernard suffered some sort of toe injury, but is listed as probable and will probably start.

If Locklear's status prohibits his playing Monday night, the starters at offensive guard will probably be some extraction-slash-combination of Sims, Ashworth and our boy Womack.

I realize I've been under-reporting Bobby Engram's situation, which is still a bit murky. But Gregg Bell of the AP reveals some details about why Engram's recuperation from a thyroid disorder has proven unexpectedly difficult:

The Seahawks' leading receiver of last season was smiling while seated at his locker after Wednesday's practice. It was his first work with Seattle's starting offense since a virus and Graves' disease caused a thyroid condition, an accelerated heart rate and a month of numbing fatigue.

"I'm better," Engram said, smiling. "Frustrated, but getting better."

...His appearance and his words after running a few plays with the scout team and some with his mates on the starting offense suggested he's pointing toward returning for the Nov. 12 game against St. Louis, if then.

...Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren said doctors are testing Engram almost daily to see if his heart rate and other measurables return to normal with a new round of medication. Holmgren estimated Engram has lost eight pounds this month.

"Engram is week-to-week until he gets his energy back," Holmgren said.