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For Pete's Sake

Counting down the days to Thanksgiving and that sweet, sweet tryptophan haze with some Tuesday evening notes from what's becoming an increasingly disconsolate, hollow place. But enough about Aurora Avenue.

  • I found this -- well, precious. All three major newspaper in the Sea-Tac area -- the Seattle Times, the Seattle P-I and the Tacoma News-Trib -- ran articles about Coach Holmgren feeling bad about using choice words with the Seahawks defense at the end of the San Francisco debacle on Sunday afternoon. Three of 'em.

    Sando in the Trib:

    "It was hard, it was bad," Holmgren said of his tirade. "I don't like doing that, and I said some things I wasn't too proud of."

    Holmgren apologized to the team Monday.

    "In essence, I said, `I'm not going to do that again with you guys,' " Holmgren said. "I don't feel good about it when I go home at night. I just don't want to do that anymore. But it was a little grim in there."

    Clare Farnsworth in the P-I follows up with the amusingly appropos Grant Wistrom:

    Too grim? After that gruesome performance? Grant Wistrom's reaction said it all.

    Did you find Holmgren's actions out of the ordinary?

    "The apology? Or the tirade?" the veteran defensive end asked.

    The tirade.

    "No. (Bleep), no," Wistrom said.

    This just in: Mayor Nickels asks profanity-spewing coaches to remain at least 4 feet away from their subjects. They will tape-measure.

    One of the things I like about Holmgren is his modesty, the sort of aw-shucks decorum that eludes people like -- oh, say, Bobby Knight? Coach Holmgren was ribbed by KJR back in the Seahawks' Super Bowl Era for using the mildest curses in the history of coaching: "It's the Super Bowl, for Pete's sake!" They replayed that often during those two weeks. Very sweet. Very amusing.

    I think Holmgren's entitled to a few Dicemanisms from time to time, as the situation warrants. What we have here is a warranting situation.

  • Sando reports that the Seahawks' Tuesday tryouts included former Dallas QB Drew Henson, a couple receivers and defensive ends. Running back Marquis Weeks, which a few of us would have liked to see take some reps, was unceremoniously released upon the reactivation of Shaun Alexander.

    There is apparently one open spot on the 53-man roster, and Sando notes that 4th-string QB Gibran Hamdan remains on the roster. That can't last, can it? And why are we trying out Henson?

    Waaaaaait a minute... this isn't Seneca-related, is it? What the heck?

    No, no, it can't be. That doesn't make any sense. You know what? I'm just gonna leave this topic until something tangible happens.

  • While we're on the subject of quarterbacks, there was a chance that Green Bay Packer QB -- don't tell me, I'll remember his name, let me just look at my notes here -- one..... ah. "Brett Favre"? Ever hear of him?

    Ha. For Pete's sake. Anyway, Mr. Favre suffered an injury the other day in Sunday's loss to the New England Patriots, which put his start against Seattle on Monday night in jeopardy. Apparently, however, he'll be okay, and it looks like he'll start. But from the "darn the luck" department, his backup Aaron Rodgers is gone for the season after suffering an ankle injury in the same game. That's why you get three quarterbacks. Or four, even... which...

    No, no, no. Let's not even go there.

I'll see you sometime Wednesday for the early Week 12 picks, and then we're gonna eat stuff.