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Last Minute Attempt at a Preview of the Green Bay Packers

I've been so busy with the whole family holiday thing that it's slipped my mind to even talk about the game tomorrow night. I haven't really done much thinking about football until this afternoon, as I listened on the radio to the Great Eli Manning roar the New York Giants to a commanding 21-0 lead over the Tennessee Titans! I figured there was no way the Titans could ever come back from that kind of deficit, especially against the Great Eli Manning, so I spent the rest of the afternoon shooting bottles off my neighbor's wife's forehead with a pellet gun. I love the holidays.

So, we got the Green Bay Packers. They're coming to town to face the Seahawks. There is, apparently, a chance that it may snow. Some flakes have in fact already fallen in Seattle this evening. Tony Kornheiser will be thrilled.

The Packers are one of the most forgotten teams in the NFL this year, which is a shame. Not because they're underrated, mind you, but because I like Brett Favre. I have always liked Brett Favre. Even when I was rooting against him in the Seahawks overtime playoff loss a few years ago, I still liked him. I hate to see him going out like this.

Favre is especially popular with women. I once knew someone, a girl, who had a Brett Favre jersey in her closet. She had a guy over one night, if you know what I mean. Kids do that these days. Anyway, the next morning he woke up before she did. When she finally woke up, he greeted her wearing the Brett Favre jersey. She found it a little creepy.

The relationship, whatever there was of it, ended that morning. That's how powerful Brett Favre is. You do not want to mess with his uniform. Even if it's just a licensed replica of his uniform. Bad things, man.

This year's not so good for Brett Favre. He is the 11th-rated passer in the NFC (as of the end of Week 11), ahead of people like Bruce Gradkowski, Matt Leinart, Drew Bledsoe (R.I.P.) and, um, Eli Manning.

Favre dinged his arm last week against the -- whoever he was playing, I forget. (Ah, that's right, the Patriots.) So expect the Packers running game to take precedence this week, with former Seahawk Ahman Green #1 on the depth chart. Will Green get the sort of red-carpet treatment the defense gave Frank Gore last week? Who do I look like, Joan Rivers? I don't know.

The Seahawks will have Shaun Alexander and Matt Hasselbeck in their backfield for the first time since the final episode of M*A*S*H. Scruffy's injury report gives a good indication of who'll be missing (thankfully, as he notes, the sick bay's getting smaller).

Pressure will, obviously, be on the Seahawks defense. I said pressure will obviously be on the Seahawks defense. In addition, pressure will be on the Seahawks defense.

Really, despite all of our collective groans and misgivings about the last Seahawk contest, this should be a lot easier. It's at Qwest, for one thing. This will be the Packers' first visit to Qwest Field, ever. In fact, this will be Green Bay's first visit to the outpost of Seattle in a decade. And -- in the category of Phrases I Never Thought I'd Say This Season for $1600, Alex -- the Packers are nowhere nearly as good as the 49ers are.

Game thread Monday morning. Enjoy. Post your pre-game thoughts in these comments if you wish. I've got to go finish preparations for Michael Vick's appearance at "American Sign Language Day" at the Boys and Girls Club of Seattle. Say it with fingers, folks!