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Hasselbeck's Finger is Something. Still Not Expected To Be Big Deal.

FoxSports is reporting that Matt Hasselbeck is having an MRI on his left hand this afternoon, after slamming it against someone's helmet in last night's win against the Packers. Apparently Hasselbeck's hand is swollen.

The team, according to Jay Glazer, does not expect Matt to miss any time, since it's his non-throwing hand. I don't see why he should miss any time either -- except for the fact that Seahawks staffers have erred on the side of sunny optimism about injury recoveries this season. But it's still the non-throwing hand.

Update [2006-11-28 21:56:50 by Shrug]: KING-5's Paul Silvi has just reported that the MRI revealed a broken finger in Matt's left hand. However, again, it is not expected that it will affect Hasselbeck's status for Sunday's game at Denver. Or at least Silvi gamely tried to downplay it.

Update [2006-11-29 14:41:5 by Shrug]: ...and now it's not broken, it's just a "bump" (according to Holmgren according to MSNBC).