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Couple Needs Action in Their Lives; Sues Seahawks To End Security Pat-Downs

At the risk of starting a political discussion, I offer you this bit of stupefyingly ridiculous news from the P-I:

Fred and Kathleen Stark, season ticket holders from Skagit County, are suing the Seahawks to end the security pat-downs performed upon entrance to Qwest Field.

Qwest Field officials follow an NFL policy that went into effect at the start of the 2005 season to tighten security and to prevent terrorism. It requires fans' arms, shoulders and torsos to be patted down as they enter games for any of the league's 32 teams.

The lawsuit seeks an injunction barring stadium security workers from frisking ticket holders while the case is pending in U.S. District Court in Seattle. A hearing on the case has not been set.

"There's no specific reason, or identifiable credible threat to Seahawks fans and because the stadium is a public stadium, it is unconstitutional to require these pat-downs," said Chris Wion, one of the Seattle lawyers representing the plaintiffs. "I think this is the same type of erosion of civil rights that you'll find taking place in the national arena over the past few years."

May I, your local registered-independent-with-strong-liberal-leanings, offer my opinion on this? Thank you. Here it is: These people are boneheads.

Anybody who's gone through the "search" at Qwest Field knows it's about as invasive as a handshake. As colorful our divergent opinions about a post-9/11 world may be, even in the pre-9/11 world I would've gladly submitted to the one-second patdown for the sake of security. We can argue about other civil liberties being eroded (ON SOME OTHER FORUM), but to me, this is the very definition of frivolity.

Somebody with money, please go to Skagit County and open a ballroom-dancing business, or some sort of community center or something. Some residents apparently need hobbies.

Thanks. As you were.