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Kiss the No. 2 Seed Goodbye

Well, it wouldn't be Christmas without the spirit of generosity.

The Seahawks lost to the Arizona Cardinals, 27-21, thanks primarily to a series of key turnovers that gave the Cardinals opportunties galore. The game leaves Seattle at 8-5, and still in position to clinch the division on Thursday night against the 49ers.

But they've lowered their conference record to 6-4. With the 8-4 Saints and 8-4 Cowboys going at it this evening, after tonight the Seahawks will be either the third or fourth seed going into Week 15. If the Saints win they'll be in the drivers' seat with an unbelievable 8-1 conference record. If the Cowboys win they'll be 6-3 in the conference.

Super Bowl contenders do not lose games like this.