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Engram, Bernard Will (Probably) Play on Thursday

The 3-day gap between divisional games has seen a quick number of exits and entrances, like so many flung fish at Pike's Market. Honestly, I'm numb over the whole thing. But here's what we have:

  • Injured reserve: So long to DT Craig Terrill and, we discovered today, LB D.D. Lewis.
  • Called up or signed to replace the IR'd evacuees are FB David Kirtman, who was signed from the practice squad; and former U-Dub Husky LB Marquis Cooper, who was signed from thin air.
  • Out for Thursday: Darrell Jackson, Robbie Tobeck and Itula Mili.
  • Questionable: Rocky Bernard, Pork Chop Womack, and Bobby Engram, though Engram's prognosis is looking up.

And me, I'm Ed McMahon.

Update [2006-12-13 18:15:14 by Shrug]: It's looking more and more like Bobby Engram will be returning to action against the 49ers. Rocky Bernard has likewise been pretty much cleared to go.