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Game Day Open Thread: Week 15 -- 49ers at Seahawks

San Francisco

at Seattle

Thursday, December 14, 5:00pm PT
Qwest Field
Seattle/Tacoma - Q-13
Bay Area - KBHK-44
Rest of USA: ESPN   FSN   Spike
Food Network   Lifetime    Game Show Network
The Fishing Channel   Al-Jazeera
NFL "Network"

Watch (or listen to) (or at the very least feel) the Seahawks attempt to close out the division title against the 49ers and the NFL's newest rushing dynamo, Frank Gore. You can type about it here. And please read John Morgan's excellent preview below this story as well.

Myself, I'll be at the game, where Brian McKnight will sing the national anthem, and the halftime show will feature something called "Maximus Versus Bavasi -- Please Wear Protective Outer Clothing." The hell?