Facing Facts

Well, that was a disheartening loss, to say the least.

Let's face it -- the 2006 Seahawks just aren't a very good football team.

Last year, we had a hell of a ride.  I'm sure a lot of us expected more this year, but instead, what we got was some injuries and some terribly up-and-down play -- and what we're left with now is a product that is not producing good football, plain and simple.

I know many people want to attribute the current state of affairs to injuries, and sure, that's had an effect, but we're at a point now where a) most of our big contributors are back, and b) most every other team has suffered significant injury blows of their own by this time.  So, while it was valid before, that particular excuse ship has sailed.

What we're left with are these facts:

  • We're 8-6 and have won four of those games on last-minute field goals.
  • We're 8-6 while playing the easiest schedule in the NFL.
  • Our offense is back to near full strength and just put up seven whole points against the 49ers during the 58 minutes when it actually mattered.
  • Matt Hasselbeck, while still being a good QB (and someone that I believe should definitely be calling signals for us) has made some pretty piss-poor throws throughout the entire year, including some rainbow tosses into double-coverage tonight that good QBs simply shouldn't make.
  • Shaun Alexander isn't getting the running room he had last year and, in addition, is running more tentatively.
  • Defensively, well, this team is god-awful if it has to worry about defending against both the run and the pass.
  • Our pass-rush is inconsistent at best, and at worst (see: the last two games, with zero total sacks), it's non-existent.
  • We can't tackle very well.
  • We can't defend the run worth a damn.
Some may think there's a lot of opinion sprinkled in there, but to me, every one of the above points is fact.  And those facts make a greater point that the Seahawks are no better than an average football team this year, and today, they weren't even that.

I'm still hoping for some noise in the playoffs (should we get there), but after today, I see the chances of any sort of deep playoff run as very, very slim, and given how wide-open the NFC is this year, that's a shame.