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Back from the Dead (or just the waterlogged)

I'm back. I had a confluence of really silly situations that prevented me from posting anything until now. They were:

  • We went to Oly for the weekend, and I spent Friday night in Tumwater, WA, in one of the several houses in the area that had no power whatsoever because of Storm of the Century '06
  • I left the power cord for my laptop in Seattle and could not find a cheap replacement in Olympia
  • I had spotty internet access all weekend
  • I'm really just a lazy sod at heart.
So I couldn't post anything until now. I apologize. We're back and ready to gear up for Christmas Eve's POTENTIAL SUPER BOWL PREVIEW!!!! against the Chargers.

(That's called ironic overstatement, seattlesucks. AKA "a joke.")

For now, here's where things stand after Sunday's action: Miraculously, hilariously, the Seahawks are not out of the race for the No. 2 seed in the NFC.

First, they have to win out, against the Chargers and the Buccaneers. I know the Chargers look daunting, but wouldn't it just fit this season's entire profile for the Hawks to beat title contender San Diego at home, then lose to the woeful Buccaneers in their last regular season game? So why not win them both? Stupider things have happened. Like According to Jim getting renewed every year.

So. The Seahawks have to win out. Then, the Cowboys and Saints would have to lose both of their remaining games, and the Eagles -- after beating Dallas next week -- must then lose their final game against Atlanta.

Dallas, who has clinched a playoff spot, faces a suddenly powerful Eagles unit in an unforeseen showdown for the NFC East title on Christmas. Then they get Detroit.

The Saints don't have a total cakewalk after losing to the Redskins this afternoon. They play a pissed-off Giants team next week before finishing up the season at the CONSENSUS PICK TO REPRESENT THE NFC IN THE SUPER BOWL!!!, the Carolina Panthers.

If all those things happen, then the Seahawks finish 10-6, and Dallas, Philadelphia and New Orleans would all finish 9-7. If Seattle finishes tied with any of those teams, I believe they would lose the tiebreaker. (If Philly wins out, they get the division title. They would have beaten the Cowboys twice.)

Will all of this actually happen? Do I look like I'm on drugs?

Anyway, let's get this week underway. I need to do stuff.