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4 Seahawks Named to Pro Bowl

The roster for the NFL Pro Bowl has been set.

The Pro Bowl is a ceremonial game at the end of the season that is viewed by absolutely nobody, except in Honolulu, where they have a barbeque. The only functions of the Pro Bowl are naming rosters and the hopeful kicking in of some bonuses for certain big signees.

There is no other reason for the Pro Bowl. In fact, I am not convinced the Pro Bowl is not actually played by members of an Australian penal colony.

But never you mind. The NFC roster includes four Seattle Seahawks: FB Mack Strong, OL Walter Jones (who will always get a Pro Bowl nod if he doesn't have his leg amputated, and even then it better be a real messy operation), and LB's Julian Peterson and Lofa Tatupu.

Where the hell is Josh Brown?

If you're the salt-in-the-wound type, you'll be happy to know Hutchinson made the team as well.