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Boulware Reclaims Spot in Starting Lineup -- Also: Is the Marshall Plan Suspect?

Sando reports that strong safety Michael Boulware has regained his starting job, replacing Jordan Babineaux.

Boulware was benched in October after a shaky series of games, culminating in the home loss to the Vikings. Babineaux missed some crucial tackles in last weekend's still inexplicable loss to the 49ers.

I'd like to go back a few days to pick up on another item that at least partially addresses one question I've been silently asking myself since I renounced ownership of my eternal soul. (Namely, the loss in Arizona.)

That question was this: Why has nobody -- in public at least -- suggested that Seahawks defensive coordinator John Marshall bear some culpability in this season's defensive failures? And should he?

I've wrestled with this question a little bit, only because the stronger visual evidence showed a bunch of missed tackles, broken patterns, blown assignments, and a couple untied shoelaces. But could some of this be about a game plan that comes up a bit short?

Ryan Davis of Scout.Com poses the question himself, and has stats. He also reviews whether benching Boulware at all was a good idea to begin with. (Here's a hint: No.)