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Seahawks Win Division, Lose Game

The good news: The Seahawks are your 2006 NFC West Division Champs and are headed to the playoffs.

The bad news: They do so with almost zero momentum.

Not a lot of time for a recap right now, but the Seahawks lose a bawler to the San Diego Chargers, 20-17. This despite making Philip Rivers look flat-out terrible for three and a half quarters and keeping the prohibitive NFL MVP out of the end zone.

It literally came down to a few dropped passes, and the inability to secure a game-clinching first down in the final moments.

Humorous side note: At Qwest Field during the game, they showed all the scores from the NFL except the Cardinals-49ers game, which Arizona won 26-20. I trust Holmgren requested this to keep the team from scoreboard-watching. Almost worked.

Probably no time for a recap until tomorrow at the earliest. We have Festivus at my house tonight and I have to get the pole set up.

This just in: the Seahawks already trail in the wild-card game, 10-0 with 2 minutes left in the first quarter. Opponent TBD.

Merry Christmas.