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Seahawks' 2007 Home-Away Schedule, per Sando

Sando has published the Seahawks' unofficial home/away schedule for 2007. Looks like this:

Home      Away
St. Louis
San Francisco
New Orleans
Tampa Bay
St. Louis
San Francisco

The Seahawks will play whoever wins the NFC East, either Dallas or Philadelphia, on the road next year. (It will probably be Philadelphia.) (Well, let me amend that -- the Eagles play the uber-unknown-quantity Falcons at home this weekend. Dallas gets the Lions. It's officially a toss-up.)

Leaving out the divisional contests, there's a really obvious discrepancy between home and away opponents. The Seahawks will be hosting three games against teams who'll have at least 10 wins at this season's end (Chicago, New Orleans, Baltimore). On the road, though, they'll only be facing one 10-win team at most -- Dallas and Philadelphia are, at this point, both 9-6.

Not counting our divisional opponents, the overall W-L record for our 2007 home opponents, as of now, is 47-28. For our road opponents, 34-41.

(Sando breaks down the home/away records as well.)

Time will tell if the Saints and Ravens are for real next year, and whether the Bengals' '06 was a temporary setback. Same with the Steelers' and Panthers' abhorrent seasons. The other opponents are somewhat known entities, at least in my early estimation.

If nothing more, the home schedule looks like bang-up business at the box office.

More substantial news later.