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Seattle Gets Dallas in Wild Card Round, Saturday Night at 5

The Detroit Lions -- the freaking Detroit Lions -- handed the Cowboys their third straight home loss, 39-31, which gives the NFC East title to the Philadelphia Eagles.

It also means that the Cowboys, the #5 seed, are coming to Seattle next week for the wild-card round. The Eagles will be hosting America's hottest new comedy troupe, the New York Giants.

This will probably be the last game at Qwest Field this season. The only way Seattle can get another home playoff game is if the Giants and Seahawks square off in the NFC Championship game.

Sure, it's possible. So is the earth's rotation going into complete reverse and all of us speaking fluent Mandarin overnight.

The Giants have the worst record of all playoff teams, and are going up against the rejuvenated Eagles. If by some weird celestial miscalulation they win that, then they go to Chicago. Unless you know a really good multi-denominational witch doctor, a Seahawks-Giants conference championship game ain't happenin'.

So rest your lungs this week, 12th Man -- you can confidently shoot your wad in the stands next weekend.

Update [2006-12-31 19:2:10 by Shrug]: The Cowboys-Seahawks game will take place at Qwest Field Saturday night, Jan. 7. Kickoff slated for 5pm Pacific. The full schedule:

Saturday, January 7
1:30pm PT Kansas City Chiefs at
Indianapolis Colts
5pm PT Dallas Cowboys at
Seattle Seahawks
Sunday, January 8
10am PT New York Jets at
New England Patriots
1:30pm PT New York Giants at
Philadelphia Eagles

Maybe I'll do a bracket later. I'm all cocky with my table creation skillz now.