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Game Day Open Thread: Week 17 -- Seahawks at Buccaneers


at Tampa Bay

Sunday, December 31, 10:00am PT
Raymond James Stadium

The final game of the regular season, or as the Seahawks camp is mysteriously calling it, "the first game of the playoffs." Except these first "playoff" opponents are 4-11. Man, is the NFC lame or what?

Nothing really to play for today, so maintain interest at your own risk. Let's hope the Seahawks regain some of that increasingly endangered momentum.


Tampa Bay:

CB Juran Bolden (quad) - Questionable
G Davin Joseph (knee) - Questionable
S Jermaine Phillips (wrist) - Questionable
TE Alex Smith (back) - Questionable
RB Carnell Williams (foot) - Questionable
LB Jamie Winborn (knee) - Questionable
DT/DE Ellis Wyms (ankle) - Questionable