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Roster Man Vibrations

A slow news day, but we do have a couple quickie items:

  • The Seahawks have released Gibran Hamdan, who has been our fourth-string QB for the last couple of weeks, in the possibility that Hasselbeck, Wallace and Greene all ate the same dish at the training table and contracted food poisoning.
  • Special teams who's-the-man Josh Scobey was put on injured reserve after breaking a bone in his upper arm. After catching flak for his '05 performance as returner, Scobey more than found his niche this year as the special team's most prolific tackler.
That leaves two spots open. Sando did some fantasy-flying about safety Tony Parrish, who was released by the 49ers on Tuesday. Hmmmmmm.

And yes, the title of this entry gets my vote as the worst pun in the history of Field Gulls. (With the exception of, well, Field Gulls.) Blame my music journo pedigree for this one, not my affection for Bob Marley. I'm much more of a Desmond Dekker man.