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Time for Prematurely Inflated Expectations!

It's only June, we're more than a month from full-bore training camp, we just recently got the buffalo chicken stain out of the tablecloth we used for the SB XL "party," and I've barely broken the seal on the copy of Howie Long's Football For Dummies which I purchased in a panic before I started this blog, but who cares? Let's have some good news!

Connor Byrne and Eric Krupka at have rated the Seahawks #1 in their "early NFL preview" from June 15:

The defending NFC champs probably would have won it all in 2005-2006, had it not been for some questionable officiating in the Super Bowl. They lost left guard Steve Hutchinson, receiver Joe Jurevicius and cornerback Andre Dyson during the off-season, but should still be considered the favorites going into the upcoming year.
Dudes! We're #1 On Paper! And it's a website, so it's not even really paper!

I'm just kidding. They run a pretty thorough site over there. After all, I've been at this gig for... hmmmm, ten whole minutes. I just have dubious sentiments about "power rankings." We crunch enough numbers as it is, and though I don't doubt the expertise behind power rankings, you have to think that sometimes, if there's a couple teams vying for No. 16, somebody's going to flip a coin. For No. 16.

But heck. Let's be gracious Seattlites and accept the compliment. It's nice to get greeting cards this time of year.