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Seahawks Now #1 On *Two* Pieces of Virtual Paper's post-minicamp Power Rankings have Seattle on top of the whole gang:

"The Seahawks lost some key players in G Steve Hutchinson and WR Joe Jurevicius, but most importantly they were able to re-sign the NFL's reigning MVP, RB Shaun Alexander. Losing Hutchinson will hurt, but don't expect it to have too much of an impact on Alexander. He might not be able to match last season's amazing numbers (1,880 yards rushing and 28 TDs), but he'll be in the neighborhood."
ESPN's Insider review of the NFC West (subscription) reiterates much of the same points. For what seems like the millionth year in a row, the Arizona Cardinals are touted as a possible dark-horse spoiler for the NFC West title.

No offense to the Cardinals -- honestly, I don't relish kicking people when they've been down for so long -- but, well, Kurt Warner was supposed to thrust them into contention. I love the Edge, but I don't sense that he or Matt Leinart make the Cards less than two years away fron contention.

(Speaking of, what about the Cards' new helmet logo, in which the cardinal has been given a slight scowl so as to appear more threatening? Didn't the Hawks do that first? Uh-huh. Yep.

(I'll put up our graphic designers against any other team in the NFL! Forget the pigskin -- let's settle this with Exacto knives and Photoshop! Y'all get owned, mang!

(I've had a lot of coffee this afternoon.)