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Summer Sunday Discussion: Should the Running Game Change?

Since we're in for a month of really slow news days until camp commences in Cheney, I thought I'd try to start some discussions amongst ourselves, so we can get a head start on our arguments and vicious throwdowns. Or, in my case, jokes.

Today's topic: "Alexander runs left" was possibly the most-used phrase by Seahawks broadcasters last year, as Shaun Alexander exploited one of the greatest left O-lines ever for an MVP season. That left side took a big hit this winter when Steve Hutchinson signed with the Minnesota Vikings in a particularly nasty exchange of "poison pills." Trust me, we'll take up a discussion on that whole sordid thing later this summer.

But for now: How will, or should, this impact the offensive strategy for the Seahawks' running game? With Walter Jones still anchoring the left, will Shaun still find left-side success? Or will the running game open up a little more to the right? Will Hasselbeck and Gil Haskell open up the passing game?

Will the Hutchinson defection result in a more versatile offensive playbook? Or will it expose their vulnerabilities?

What would you do? Would you do it if you meant you had to pace the sidelines in NFL-approved coach's wear? If so, could you handle being seen in those fireburst sweatpant atrocities that Chiefs coaches are forced to wear?

Never mind those last two questions. Otherwise, discuss. Hobnob. Consort or kvetch. Have a nice Sunday.