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Bannister's a Bear + ESPN's "Ultimate Depth Chart"

Alex Bannister, the wide receiver and special teams role-player released by the Seahawks on June 2, has been signed by the Chicago Bears ( Bannister has had limited playing time over the past two years due to a nagging clavicle injury, but when he was on, he went to the Pro Bowl. Best-o luck, Alex.

More statistical bliss for the ledger-crunchin' masses: ESPN is also doing a series this week, "The Ultimate Depth Chart," in which Mike Golic, Mark Schlereth, Sean Salisbury and Trey Wingo rank all 32 NFL teams in specific categories for the upcoming season. So far the Seahawks rank 3rd in the "QB" and "RB" categories, and 14th in the "pass catcher" category. Results in the remaining two cats coming up the rest of this week.

(This just in: Hawks ranked #5 in "Pass Defense." Remember, at Field Gulls, you get all the latest, up-to-the-minute 1- or 2-digit numerals -- first!)