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Tuesday News Blips

The silence of the news wire has been positively deafening in these pre-training camp weeks. I don't even have jokes for these items. Really, it's like Jean-Paul Sartre's Nausea Lounge over here. Without the can-can girls.

Here's some various recent Seahawks items.

  • According to ESPN Insider, the Seahawks have some good news/bad news regarding their new, Hutch-less O-line:
    Our Seahawks sources tell us the team was impressed with the way 2005 first-round pick Chris Spencer, who up to now has been backing up veteran Robbie Tobeck at center, performed when pressed into duty at right guard in the last minicamp. On the downside, the team is somewhat worried about the condition of top OLG candidate Floyd "Pork Chop" Womack, who was bothered during the minicamp by sore triceps.
  • discusses Nate Burleson's pending adjustment from slot to split end. Holmgren asked the same of Bobby Engram in 2005 after the release of Koren Robinson. Although Engram led team receivers last year, his injuries kind of left him with an "incomplete" grade as a split end.

    Burleson replaced a hobbled Randy Moss in the slot for the Vikings in 2004, and did a great job doing so. I can't find any information on any experience he might have as a split, so I'm going to assume he has none. Burleson has the size and speed profile ideal for the slot position, so mastering the mobility the split position requires could make him one of the more versatile receivers in the league. That's my pollyanna-ish fantasy, anyway.

    As for Bobby, in 2006 you will again be able to reach him in care of the slot position.

  • Say, remember Ken Behring? You know, the guy who owned the Seahawks before Paul Allen? The guy who threatened to move the team to Los Angeles? The Contra Costa Times reports he's become a bit of a philanthropist.

    Well, bully for him.

Les mots sont les pistolets charg?s, mes amis!