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Speak Into the Microphone, Squid Brain

Slow night. How slow was it? We watched Point Break at home. I'd never seen it before.

What can be said about Point Break? It's one of the most... remarkable... movies I've ever seen. I am so happy we've left Point Break for future generations to pore over, to understand our society's tenuous natural balance with the sea. Not to mention the enduring legacy of Ronald Reagan.

A key plot point in this film was an FBI bank robbery surveillance that gets botched because Gary Busey wants a meatball sandwich. Clearly the screenwriter was selecting his plot twists by throwing darts at index cards on the wall.

Oh, and one other thing: In 1991, was it even possible to find a Lyndon B. Johnson mask?

Now I know why there was a Seattle troupe that used to restage Point Break live, with an audience volunteer playing the Keanu Reeves role. It must have been just like the real thing.

Yes, we have some Seahawk news.

  • does a position-by-position breakdown, and a list of training camp goals, for the NFC West. Most looks rosy for the Seahawks, and there's another unexpected mention of the potential of WR Pete Warrick.
  • ESPN's John Clayton built an NFL "Dream Team", with the proviso that his roster fit under the NFL's '06 salary cap of $102 million. Walter Jones, Marcus Trufant and Lofa Tatupu are Clayton's "starters"; Chris Spencer is his backup center.
  • The Alabama Press-Register has a brief chat with Shaun. God is frequently metatagged.
"The name's Johnny Utah!"

"Who cares!"