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ESPN SportsNation Poll: We Can Relax a Little

The current results of an ESPN SportsNation poll on the NFC West suggest that the Seahawks will defy the odds for Super Bowl losers and have a bang-up '06 campaign. As it stands right now (7,163 votes):

  • 78.1% believe the Hawks will win the NFC West. (Amazingly, a whopping 2.9% think the 49ers will. Meaning the margin of error for this poll is 2.9%.)
  • 64.1% believe the Hawks have the best offense in the division
  • 87.7% believe they have the best defense in the division
  • 34.8% believe the Hawks are going to Super Bowl XLI. 28% say they'll make the NFC Championship game, while 27.6% say they'll make the playoffs, but will get stopped early.
  • 62.2% think Alexander is the best offensive player in the division. Hasselbeck's second with 12.4%
  • 56.2% knew that Seattle is an American city, not part of Canada. This is up from 32.1% last year.
Ah, numbers, numbers, numbers. Is there anything so satisfying and reassuring that doesn't come in a snifter?