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SI's NFC West Preview

Don Banks of previews the NFC West, in an article notable for the fact that it doesn't even mention the Seahawks until the last two paragraphs. He has good reason though: Banks thinks the Seahawks' prospects are fairly rock-solid, and besides the Hutch defection, there's nothing to be alarmist about.

It's nice to have a Seattle pro team that's universally penciled in as the divisional powerhouse. We're not really used to that. Except for the Sonics in the 90's, but, well, that subject's a little touchy around these parts at the moment.

(Coincidentally, I'm at a Starbucks in Shoreline this very minute. Can I complain to the manager about how they've mismanaged the Sonics the last few years? Maybe I'll wait until they're done with their mid-afternoon frappuccino rush.)