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Draftees All Come to Terms - Except #1

The Seahawks are rapidly coming to terms with the '06 draft class, with one notable exception: CB Kelly Jennings. reports that G Rob Sims and WR Ben Obomanu have been signed, and Sando reports that DE Darryl Tapp has agreed to terms, and will seal the deal when he arrives at camp.

That leaves No. 1 draft pick Jennings as the only '06 draft choice not accounted for, and Sando has discovered some peculiar information that might be giving the business office a Tums moment, if not a Tums EX moment.

It involves the makeup of the team of agents representing Jennings in his negotiations. The agent of record is one Ben Dogra. Dogra has just signed up with a new sports agency overseen by Tom Condon.

If you're a Hawk fan, and you've just experienced a sudden arrhythmia upon hearing that name, that's because Tom Condon was the brains behind the poison pill contract that sent Steve Hutchinson to Minnesota.

Sando also speculates on the deal just agreed to between the Giants and Mathias Kiwanuka, which gave the new roster member a lot of money up front. Condon was also the brains behind that deal.

While there's no evidence that the Jennings deal won't get done -- and as Sando reports, there's still goodwill between the Hawks and Jennings reps -- it does through a nice little velvet wrench into the pre-camp festivities.