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Newsish Items for Saturday

Some Hawking notes on the commencement of camp:

  • Of course, the most consumer-centric news we have to report this Saturday is that single-game tickets for '06 are on sale. Season tix sold out with unprecedented speed in June.

    Update [2006-7-29 18:1:42 by Shrug]: Well, that was quick: It took 45 minutes for all individual-game tickets to sell out this morning. Unless your ticket broker is named Faust, there are no more tickets available for anything except exhibition games.

  • Speaking of season tickets, the Field Gulls Weather Station received an e-mail informing us that season tickets were shipped out via UPS yesterday.
  • reports that Sando reports that second-year DE Jeb Huckeba has been released. After getting stress fractures on his feet, Huckeba failed his most recent physical.
  • Sando reports the list of players on the physically unable to perform list. The list includes the usual suspects who had injury issues over the off-season, and mild surprises like Darrell Jackson. The gentlemen have to pass a physical in order to continue working with the team.
  • Strong safety Michael Boulware started his workout early to test out his surgically-repaired knee. No pain, he says, but it feels a bit wonky. Interestingly, Boulware's not on the physically-unable list, which implies that he passed his physical. I take everything as a good omen.
  • The Times has an exceprt from Shaun Alexander's book, which is coming out August 15. It is entitled Touchdown Alexander. The excerpts published reflect examples of Alexander's ecclesiastical beliefs, and a quote from Isaac Newton.
  • A shout-out of gratitude to the verbmeisters at the excellent Crushed Optimists blog for their kind words regarding Field Gulls, a couple days ago.
  • The AP reports on Matt Hasselbeck's new nutritional supplement endorsement deal. The article reinforces how truly difficult it is to know what is, and what is not, a banned performance-enhancement substance.

    Matt reflects on the vaporously thin line:

    "When I hear in baseball that five minor leaguers tested positive for banned supplements or whatever, they all say, 'I didn't know.' And I can understand it. I don't know what's in something at Jamba Juice. I trust it's OK. The people working there all seem pretty nice. But I don't know what's in those smoothies."

    I don't want to raise any unnecessary panic, but I don't think that new drink at my local juice bar, "Soylent Green Spirolina Delight," is made out of Granny Smiths.

    The apples, I mean.