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Hamlin: Cleared To Deck 'Em

Understandably, most of the reports from the dawning of training camp are usually hopeful. Considering how resolutely optimistic the Seahawks have been this off-season, the Cheney Files have been appropriately happy-happy-joy-joy. And I'll give a fuller account of the activities in Cheney later today. But this one, obviously, is an especially good-feeling feel-good story: Free safety Ken Hamlin has been cleared by doctors for full-contact drills in training camp. (

With the severe head injuries The Hammer incurred in a Pioneer Square altercation after last October's win over the Texans, some speculated that Hamlin's career was in jeopardy. Those reports proved premature, even as Hamlin was lost for the rest of the season. He's been working out for months, and participated in no-contact routines on Saturday. The hard hits he'll experience, and create, from here on out should spell out the results of his recovery:

"I'm a competitor," Hamlin said. "I always want to be out there. It was definitely a setback. I'm happy to be back out here, happy to be playing and being back out with the teammates.

"Being out for a little while, you want to get back in the groove of things. Physically, it doesn't feel any different. Just like any other year I got a chip on my shoulder and something to prove."

Humility cast to the wind, if Hamlin gets back to even three-quarters of his former self this August, it will be very hard not to feel elated about the Seahawks D this season.

So what if I'm having a Hallmark moment here. Go ahead and play the theme to Brian's Song on my doorstep. I'm very, very, very happy to hear this news. That's right. I'm gettin' all Beaches on ya.

Bring on the Hammer.