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Cheney: City of Destiny, July 31

  • Well, that'll be a bummer: TE Itula Mili apparently injured his back during warmups this morning. Mili had a very encouraging weekend, taking drills in place of the sidelined Jerramy Stevens. Awaiting further details.

    But tight end watchers should be cheered that the catch of the morning apparently belonged to TE Mike Gomez, who snagged a one-handed catch under tight man coverage.

  • The defense put on their pads Monday, but there still wasn't any real contact. Sando notes tackling won't happen until this weekend.


  • The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette discusses the Steelers' signing of '05 Seahawk DE Rodney Bailey (scroll down). Bailey was with the Steelers until going to the Pats in '04:
    "I'm very excited for the opportunity," said Bailey, 26. "This is home for me. Coming back to St. Vincent, one of the most unique things about it, no matter how many years you are away from it, no matter the differences from the year before, when you come here it seems like you never left."
  • On a personal note, we got our season tickets mere minutes ago. The Seahawks organization takes good care of their customers, and provided us with a gift package, including a Season Ticket license plate holder, a nice oversized 12th Man carrying bag, the 2006 yearbook, and a discount card for the Pro Shop. We'll see you in Section 328.

    Oh, in another package, we also got an oblong-shaped objected called "The Big Ben Touchdown Extender." The instructions are in Swedish. I'm not sure what it does, but I have a feeling I shouldn't let my daughter play with it.