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Hawks Get New O-Liner; Kelley Pleads Case for Seneca

Some quickies from the afternoon:

  • Sando reports center Lance Reynolds has been released, and the Seahawks acquired offensive lineman Taylor Schmidt, a rookie who toiled with the San Diego State Aztecs last year.
  • From this morning's edition of the Times: Columnist Steve Kelley makes a stirring case for Seneca Wallace getting more involved with the offense. Kelley's argument makes some very adulatory assertions:
    Wallace is a playmaker; maybe, next to Shaun Alexander, the most dangerous offensive weapon the Seahawks have...

    He could be the best punt returner since Henry Ellard was breaking records with the then-Los Angeles Rams. He could be a third receiver who could ease the pain of Joe Jurevicius' departure to Cleveland. [Steve, it really wasn't that painful -- Shrug]

    But he can't get on the field. His blessing is his curse. He is too good at one position to risk using him at another... Won't somebody please find a way to get Seneca Wallace on the field?...

    He's too good to sit. Too good to carry a clipboard for 60 minutes, 16 weeks a year.

    Seneca Wallace needs to play, so he can make plays.

    I agree with Kelley, in all his one-sentence-paragraph wisdom. Seneca's long been touted as the most complete athlete on the Seahawks' roster. The possibilities of strategy surprises involving my man from Sacramento have to be tempting; it's rare for an NFL team to possess such a bonafide secret weapon.

    More reason to hope that Gibran Hamdan and/or David Greene have a spectacular, doubt-crushing preseason. Perchance to dream.