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Cheney: City of Destiny, July 29-30

Some tricklings from Eastern Washington University as the first two days of training camp are in the books:

  • QB Gibran Hamdan is ready for camp after all. The "NFL Europe" "MVP" was expected to be hobbled by an ankle injury, but he appears to be over it enough to compete with David Greene in earnest for the 3rd-string job. Holmgren believes the "Amsterdam Admiral" has a legit shot.

    I know, the quotes are a little mean, but man are they hysterical.

  • There's some concern about WR Darrell Jackson's recuperation from knee surgery. Holmgren to reporters:
    "It's a little concerning. He had the surgery a long time ago. By the numbers, typically, that type of surgery it should be a little farther along. It's a little too early to get major concern over it. I'm hopeful he'll be able to come back and practice."
    Grip your armrests and hope for the best.
  • Speaking of debilitating injuries, TE Brock Edwards, who was cut Sunday, was on the physically-unable-to-perform list Saturday due to "mumps." I kid you not.
  • Sando notes that 2nd string TE Itula Mili had a very good practice, a good sign for him after a nearly non-existent '05 campaign.
  • Contrary to the original plan, the Hawks did not practice in pads on Sunday. That's expected to happen tomorrow. Sincere apologies to the folks at Riddell.
  • OT Ray Willis goes down with a bum hamstring.

There were a couple interviews worth snipping from (audio tapes available at Seahawks Insider):

  • Hasselbeck on the Super Bowl XL downer:
    "I don't know -- I guess you just gotta move on. I don't know that I'll ever totally be over it. I told you guys before, I lost the state championship game my senior year in high school. I still get mad, angry -- very angry thinkin' about it. We just -- y'know, shouldn't have lost the game. I feel very similar about what happened last year in the Super Bowl."
    Hmmm... losing the high school championship... regret... gnawing regret... (Sniff... sniff...) I smell a Robin Williams/Kurt Russell! Green light!

    A reporter asked if there was one play in XL about which Matt thought, If only.... "Yeah. There's one, really. We all know what it is. We all can do the math."

    Personally speaking, there were about four such plays to me, but we're moving on.

  • Shaun Alexander on his offseason:
    "It was unbelievable. You know, from all the awards to being the Nike guy, and the Madden guy... It looked wild because I was in more on the eye, but my travel schedule is pretty close to all the other years... My entourage is probably the most different entourage than any other NFL player's ever had. You know, a seventy-year-old track coach! (laughter) A wife and two kids -- it's just different. But we have a good time doing it."
    Speaking of Shaun, the Times' Cathy Henkel gives a brief overview on Touchdown Alexander, Shaun's new ghost-written bio. It is apparently fairly forward and revealing. Although, as a proponent of maintaining some distance between athletic performance and personal lives, I felt a little ooky about reading how Shaun was a virgin until his 2002 marriage. Need-to-know basis, folks!

    Well, the book probably wasn't written for my target audience, though I don't exactly know what that audience is.

    Ah, let's forget about it. More on Monday. Sweet dreams.