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Human Interest Story Explosion!

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Happy 4th of July. Only a handful of days until training camp begins. Until then, enjoy some News Lite pertaining to our guys.

  • The Sporting News, via, suggests Pork Chop Womack could be one of this year's breakout players in the NFL. (Click the "Guard" option.)
  • The Indianapolis Star profiles Lebanon, Indiana's own Craig Terrill, revealing some nice trivia about the Seahawks' defensive tackle:
    • He's is the marshal of the today's Boone County Fourth of July Parade.
    • He raised a goat as a child
    • He played guitar on "Sweet Home Alabama" with Paul Allen at the Hawks' post-SBXL party
    • He christened himself "Dr. Death" as a 10-year-old football player
    • As a musician, he once said he went on a "world tour of Central Indiana" with his band

    That last one choked me up some.

  • Matt Hasselbeck digs Branson, Missouri. The Branson Daily News reports he was there recently for the National High School Coaches Association banquet.
    "This seems like a better version of Las Vegas," he said. "If I would have grown up around here, I'm sure my family would have made a road trip here."
    In case you're having second thoughts about taking your family on the Amsterdam Hash Bar tour this summer, here are some of your entertainment options in Branson.

    Judging strictly by their names, these Branson attractions scare me the most:

    • The Baldknobbers Jamboree
    • The Comedy Pet Theater
    • The Dixie Stampede Dinner & Show
    • Smoke on the Mountain
    • Spirit of the Dance (More Riverdancing. It'll keep you up all night.)
    • The Tall Timber Lumberjack Show
    • Yakov Smirnoff ("In Soviet Russia, the slot machines play you!")