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Plackemeier Signed for 4 Years

Rookie punter Ryan Plackemeier, selected by the Seahawks in the 7th round of the '06 draft, has been signed to a 4-year deal for his services, says.

Plackemeier, who won the Ray Guy Award for punters while at Wake Forest, was regarded as having the best leg in the draft. After the release of '05 punter Tom Rouen, Plackemeier was expected to compete with Gabe Lindstrom for the punting job at training camp this summer. It would appear his new contract pre-empts that face-off. Bloodfoot '06 is conditionally pronounced "ovah!"

In a hilarious overstatement, ESPN calls this new day in Seahawks history the beginning of "the Post-Rouen Era."

In other news, the Miami Dolphins are hopeful their new team is one of the best of their post-Yepremian era.