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If Peter King Ran the NFL's Peter King takes an interesting flight of fancy as he describes the changes he'd make were he NFL Commissioner for a day.

For obvious reasons, my favorite of King's proposed changes is No. 9:

9. Put two computer chips in the football, and make the goal line, in essence, capable of sending a signal when the football touches the plane of the goal line: Let's just call this "The Ben Roethlisberger Rule."

I dig the Orwellian aspect of this "rule." It could be employed in many ways. Monitoring Ricky Williams' "nutritional" expenditures, for example. Or putting an ankle bracelet on Saints owner Tom Benson, so we can catch him before he steps outside New Orleans.

The other King mandate I found interesting: "Stop the (NFL's) love affair with Los Angeles: Just stop it." Amen, baby. I moved to L.A. just as the Raiders and Rams were leaving in '95. Nobody noticed they'd left. I'm to expect L.A. will notice the Saints moving in?