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Cheney: City of Destiny, Aug. 1

  • FOX NEWS ALERT! (cue ominous orchestral hit)

    Heh. I've always wanted to do that. Did I scare ya?

    Anyway, somebody stepped on Hasselbeck's foot this morning in practice. "I don't know who," #8 said. "Somebody big." (The audio's from the News-Trib's files.)

    He's fine. There'll be no crutches-in-the-airport photo ops this time.


  • From aforementioned audio, Hasselbeck answers a question regarding his routine for improving his physical flexibility:
    Yeah. I've done the yoga thing, and the Pilates thing. And I hate it. (laughter) But it's good. I think when it comes to working out, the stuff that you don't like is probably the stuff you need the most. A lot of the older guys do it -- Mack Strong, you know he's getting better as he gets older. He does stuff like that... There's a bunch of guys who do that and take it pretty seriously.

    Matt also discusses one of the first surprises of camp, TE Mike Gomez from "NFL Europe":

    He's a fast guy. Gibran Hamdan's been talking up all his Amsterdam Admiral teammates (laughter). All of 'em. And I saw him play in Europe a little bit, because I watched Girban's games. He's definitely got some speed. I think the key for him, and for everybody that's new, is just to learn the nuances of what we do. It's a tough offense to learn, because so much of it is predicated on what we've done in the past.
    Yes, you read that right, your eyes don't deceive you: Somebody in the world actually watched an "NFL Europe" game.
  • It appears C Chris Spencer went down with a leg injury just before practice ended.

    Since he's a backup he gets no Fox News Alert.

  • The Everett Herald's Scott M. Johnson reflects upon our suddenly killer-looking linebacker corps. In another set of notes, Johnson reports on "special projects assistant" Ray Rhodes, whose stroke last year prompted the former defense coordinator's being moved off the sidelines.

    What exactly is a "special project"? That phrase conjures up images of colored construction paper and yarn.