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Game Day Open Thread, Preseason Game 1: Cowboys at Seahawks

Here come the graphics...


at Seattle

Saturday, August 12, 7:00pm PT
Qwest Field

TV: KING-5 (Seattle), KTVT-11 (Dallas)

Notes to the game: It's the first preseason game of the year. People will be attending this game to check out their seat selection this season. At some point a game will break out featuring very few marquee players, and even then only for about a quarter. After that, those star players, too, will be checking out their seat selection this season. We will learn nothing about either the Seahawks or the Cowboys.

I may be here briefly for a bit of the game, it turns out. I expect maybe 3 page views outta this. I'll recap everything Sunday morning.

I'm not even doing a "Go Hawks" for this. It would be like cheering a lab experiment. But have fun anyway.