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Exhibition Game 1: Dallas 13, Seattle 3

After the 1st quarter, I saw almost none of this game. Based on what I did see, and what I heard on the radio, however:

  • Our O-line needs to gel a bit, which I think we all expected.
  • Our defense was out of synch, but that's what the preseason is for. Their speed impressed me greatly. The decision-making needs coaching, but the raw talent is definitely there.
  • Dallas's offense looks pretty formidable -- and this is without their main guns. Hate to say it, but watching this game, you have to get good vibes about the Cowboys' offensive system.
  • I know I've been teasing him a lot, just by virtue of his chosen position, but Ryan Plackemeier's punting was pretty damn impressive. Good range, outstanding hangtime, and even the wobbly punt we heard on the radio seemed to get under control. They don't give the Ray Guy Award for nothin'.
Next up: Indy, which I promise to watch from start to finish. I'm forcing myself to take Sunday off, so we'll check back in Monday.