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Cheney: City of Destiny, Aug. 14

    Sims: The big maybe
The news roundup for Monday, while I await the delivery of my official Ryan Plackemeier jersey from the pro shop:
  • Rob Rang of talks to about his impressions of the Seahawks so far. Some interesting notations:
    • In all the hubbub over the competition for left guard, Rang implores us to not forget about draftee Rob Sims: "Sims wasn't lauded by many as a top guard prospect... but those close to the team tell me he's been the surprise rookie of this year's draft class. Some of the coaches think he'd have a fair shot at beating out both Spencer and Pork Chop Womack for the position... I could see a situation developing much like how Sean Locklear took over at right tackle. Should Sims be forced to take over at left guard due to injury or sporadic play by either Spencer, Womack, or both, the former Buckeye is talented enough to take the job and keep it.
    • On speculation that the recovering Darrell Jackson is dragging his feet getting back into the game due to unhappiness about his contract: "The consensus was that he was too much of a professional to really jeopardize his future with the club or the team's success in 2006-07... If he never again is able to produce as he had in the past, I do not believe it will have anything to do with a lack of dedication."
    • Rang's picks for potential surprise keepers after training camp: WR Maurice Mann, who had some nice-looking moments on Saturday night, C Pat Ross, DT Alex Guerrero. "A couple of players I could see being surprise cuts include QB David Greene, WR Peter Warrick, and RB Josh Scobey." I wouldn't consider Scobey's cut much of a surprise, if I may speak frankly.
    • You won't like Rang's Super Bowl prediction.
  • The PI retells Matt Hasselbeck's post-mortem from Saturday.
  • There's chatter saying DT Russell Davis could miss more time than first thought.
  • Finally, the excellent 12 Seahawks Street blog checks in with this week's silver lining. If you could call an enema a silver lining. No, I will not be developing that metaphor any further.
And... welcome to yet another new collegiate addition to the SportsBlog Nation: GeauxTiger's wonderfully named And the Valley Shook for your Louisiana State Tigers.