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Russell Davis' Arch Nemesis: Torn Plantar Fascia

DT Russell Davis has been diagnosed with a torn plantar fascia, says Sando, who sadly does not develop further comic mileage from his invented malpropism "Fuscia planter."

The plantar fascia is a band of fibrous tissue running along the bottom of the foot, roughly from the bottom of the heel through the arch. A torn P.F. usually requires aggressive treatment, and at least a few weeks -- maybe more -- in a below-the-knee cast.

This could be trouble. Last year the 49ers' tight end Eric Johnson suffered a torn P.F., and it effectively knocked him out for the entire season. (Johnson did not have surgery.)

On the other hand, power forward Nick Collison from the Oklahoma City Seattle Sonics suffered from a torn P.F. last season, but was able to return to the court after only a month's rest.

All we can really say for sure is that Davis will have to keep pressure off his foot. There'll be no Riverdancing in his immediate future.