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Cheney: City of Destiny, Aug. 15

    Who da Mann?
Apologies for the somewhat late start to my blogging day. We had associates from France visiting last night and we had to be entertaining. It worked, mostly.

Here's your update:

  • Holmgren's Dallas game post-mortem includes a not-so-glowing assessment of the Seahawks' penchant for ticky-tack procedural penalties during the contest. (
  • From, perspective from Hass:
    "My guess is that (Holmgren will have) a shorter fuse... He can only say the same thing so many times... We've got a lot of new people though, too. I'm looking out there today and a lot of people that weren't on our team, not a lot of experience practicing right now. It's a veteran team, but that team Saturday night was not all that veteran. We've got to get everybody on the same page, teach everybody how we do it and then we all got to do it together as a team. That's probably the biggest things, we're not clicking on all cylinders right now and that'll come."

    All true. The sky ain't falling, kids. Game 1 was a test drive. Turns out the A/C wasn't working too good. We got another model coming out.

  • Tuesday's practice, according to Sando, was more uptempo, suitably so. WR Maurice Mann continues to make a persuasive case for a roster spot, space permitting.

    Sando has an interview with Shaun Alexander, which I'll leave for you to discover. Shaun praises Mo Morris, who had some very good moments Saturday night, and Sando says "(Alexander) thought Maurice Morris could start for at least 10 teams in the league."

    An audio interview with Mann is also on the N-T's blog.

  • Clare Farnsworth's game recap makes mention of the somewhat overlooked fact that Qwest Field was close to capacity Saturday night -- for an exhibition game with several benched starters. That's outstanding.
  • I didn't catch the Monday night contest between the Raiders and Vikings Monday night, largely because I don't care. But I was wondering how one of my two favorite TV sports personalities, Tony Kornheiser, performed in his new role as color commentator for the show. Reviews say he wasn't too bad. I pronounce the Dennis Miller watch on Kornheiser cancelled until further notice.

    (Before you ask, yes, my other favorite TV sports guy is Kornheiser's partner on ESPN's Pardon the Interruption, Michael Wilbon. I'd also like to see Stat Boy promoted.)

        As mild as they wanna be.
  • Finally, from our department of Warmhearted Human Interest Pieces (WHIP), a blog from Office Pirates about the New England Patriots' introduction of their own official line of meat products.

    These new foods include the "Patriots First Down Beef Frank" and -- I loved this -- the "Patriots Sack Attack Mild Italian Sausage."

    "Mild"? Oooh! That's my favorite football backhanded diss from a meat company ever!

    Unfortunately that's what you get for ranking 23rd in team sacks last year, New England. According to official NFL policy, you have to break into the Top 10 in team sacks to serve sack-related hot links:

    NFL Sack Ranking Most Potent Allowed Sausage Ingredient
    1st-5th Hot peppers
    6th-10th Red pepper flakes
    11th-15th Garlic
    16th-20th Sage, thyme, fennel
    21th-25th Certain types of apples
    26th-31st Beef-related fillers with low fat content
    32nd You may not use pork

    Office Pirates lists suggestions for "official foods" for all other NFL teams. The Seahawks: "Vanilla Nut Moccahino [sic] Sausage Blend" which, frankly, might work as a sausage. You can put almost anything in a sausage -- apples, nuts, peppers, the Cardinals' offensive line.

    My favorite suggestion was the San Francisco's 49oz. Niner Burger: "Free if you can finish the entire burger before the offense gets a first down."

    (Hmm... I can't quite remember where the Seahawks placed in team sacks last year... I just can't seem to... what was it again? For the life of me, I can't.... ooooh, wait a minute... that's right. Break out the habaneros, Levy Restaurants.)