K-Rob: The other poison pill?

So the weird war of karma between the Hawks and Vikes takes another twist, as Koren Robinson is picked up for DUI and faces a possible full-season suspension, in light of the suspensions he already served in Seattle.

Deadspin, of course, is having some fun with it too, especially after Joe Theisman's effusive praise on Monday night for K-Rob's rehabilitation efforts.  (At least I think that's what the Deadspin piece was about - couldn't really concentrate what with the American Apparel ads on the page.)

I'd just like to take a quiet moment of thanks for Ruskell's focus on players' character.  It sounds cheeseball, but then it makes a difference when you don't lose your number one receiver for the season, or, if you're the Bengals, find that half your starting lineup is currently wearing orange and/or stripes (and not the orange and stripes you had intended.)

So, yeah.  K-Rob!  Now here's hoping Nate Burlson stays well away from the water this year.